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Air Jordan III Retro Black/Cement Grey from Air-Randy and CDP Comparison


    With the return of the Black/Cement Grey Air Jordan IIIs just a month away, many sites have already received shipments, making them incredibly easy to cop early. Unfortunately, there's been a large number of rumors circulating about these "early release" sites, putting their quality and at times, even authenticity, into question. One of the more popular sites is Air Randy. Thanks to my buddy Marwan, I was able to get a first-hand look at Air Randy's IIIs, as well conduct a brief comparison of the 2011 IIIs to the 2008 Collezione release. 


Before we get to the comparison, let's look at Air Randy's product. As you can see, the sneaker looks virtually flawless. The stitching was good, there were no paint chips, and included in the box was the elephant print paper and foldout design sheet. Unfortunately, there was no Jordan hangtag. There is still some question as to whether every pair comes with it, as quite a few pairs have surfaced both with and without it. It's possible that hangtags could be limited to select regions, but nevertheless, the pictures reveal a legit, quality product from Air Randy. It's possible that you may get a defective pair, but the same can happen at your local store. 


Flawless! But where's the hangtag?







2011 Black/Cement IIIs on the bottom, 2008 Collezione IIIs up top.


Here's a brief comparison of the 2011 Black/Cement Grey IIIs and the version from the 3/20 Collezione pack. Most notably, there's a significant difference in texture and overall quality. The 2011 IIIs have received a much richer leather, compared to the Colleziones, which have a flat, almost pleather-like appearance and feel. Also, a glossy finish has been applied to the black heel on the 2011 IIIs, instead of the matte black finish on the previous version. A couple of smaller differences are a slight change in the elephant print pattern and cut of the sneaker. A more detailed comparison will be conducted once the sneaker officially releases, but it appears quite clear that Jordan Brand has put in a lot more time and effort into producing a quality sneaker for 2011. What do you think? 



Air Jordan III Retro Black/Cement Official Images

Air Jordan III Retro 2011 Black/Cement "Nubuck" Sample

Air Jordan III Retro Black/Cement in November


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